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Michael Marygold
I refer to the addition of a ECU unit on the above vehicle on 9th July 2015.The standard specifications of the vehicle is Stock Power/torque rating 88KW 160 nm.The tuned power with the addition of the ECU resulted a upgrade to 99KW 180 torqueI found the benefits to be a major transformation in engine response and the acceleration through the gears. The results exceeded my expectations and made the vehicle more fun to drive. I would recommend the addition to add to your car driving experience, money well spent.

Fintan M
Just drove car back from Auckland to Kerikeri, goes great very pleased, heaps of good passing power. pretty quick from 80 to 130 – 140km

Sean Saal
Really pleased with the improved performance, I find the engine response to be better than the d4d hilux. Economy seems about the same which was fine to begin with.

Rob McG
The RS3 is going well. FYI I tested the fuel consumption on a long drive to Langs Beach and back on the weekend. Same driving style both ways, light throttle driving at the speed limit, no rapid acceleration. One way on the Audi factory ECU map and the other way on your ECU map. Your map fuel consumption was 6% less.

Keith L
We are very pleased with the way the car drives. It's quite a transformation. The torque seems to be there all the time and you can feel the extra power at the top end. It seems to run cooler and sounds nicer too. Good job! How do you do it?

D Pool
The van pulls much stronger now, and drivability through the gears is much smoother with the additional torque. It pulls so easily, with far less need to leverage the RPMs to coax it along. Many thanks!

Graeme W
Really pleased with the tune can feel the extra torque in the lower revs, just a query does the tune alter the rev limiter I am sure it went over 7200 RPM

Ian M
Having flown to Auckland to purchase a BMW 120d, which I finally managed to pick up on the Friday morning before driving back down South first thing Saturday. I was aware of what David could do so I took the punt that he was to help me with the very limited time I had available.David was fully booked out and was heading overseas the following day so I thought I had missed out, but David phoned back and said he would do the job that evening for me. I went out to Dinner while David worked his magic and what a result. Lifted the output of the 2.0l Diesel to 157kws and 420NM.I mainly do open road driving and the result has turned this car into a Grand Tourer. It is so effortless to pass and accelerate as required.I would highly recommend David for the magnificent service he provides as well as the extra performance and economy you achieve for your vehicle. Thanks David

Rolf G
The tuning you did has improved the power over all the rev range also towing is a dream. The ute has now done 20,000 ks and the engine is getting more free so economy is improving now 1112 to 12 ltrs per 100 km used to be 12 to 121/2. Thanks.

Mike Smerdon
Our car going good, nicer to drive, more torque, haven't been able to ascertain fuel use yet, but looking forward to doing that soon.

Stu T
The Panamera Turbo is now a true ‘Beast’. The acceleration in standard form is not sluggish but the transformation in all modes (but especially Sport Plus) is staggering. The response on the accelerator is more urgent too. All of this and yet it can still perform the role of the comfortable GT car giving me a range of over 800km from a tank on a run.Thanks for everything David, worth every cent!

Simon A
We recently engaged David from Tune Technic to solve an emission problem on our 3.0L TDI Q5, he had also tuned my Ford Ranger TDI previously as I wanted better fuel economy. David arrived at the agreed time, the job was done quickly, with no fuss and he was very knowledgeable. In addition to fixing the emission problem David programmed an additional 37Kw to an already powerful and strong engine. My wife asked ‘how is the car”, my reply was “it definitely puts you back in your seat”. Thanks for your help David.

Rod Hansen
Whow... what a change to my Mondeo... towed a 1500kg caravan in weekend like a breeze, its made a huge difference... Thanks David. Job well done.

Tony O
07/08 Rodeo, just had David tune my ute, what a huge difference! Feels like a much bigger gain than 20kw. It pulls hard through the rev range and is much more responsive. Drivability is as good if not better than before, comes on power earlier and pulls all the way to redline whereas before ran out of puff after 3k. Am stoked with results.

Dick Richardson
Dave has a lot of knowledge and he is great to deal with.

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